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Shift your day with a Chocolate Meditation January 30 2020, 0 Comments

For sure you want your clients to experience the benefits of Wei of Chocolate, so how about you? This Valentine's Day, treat yourself to a brief guided meditation - with or without chocolate - and you'll surely feel a shift in your day ~

While this meditation mentions Wei Love, you can use any of our flavors, or even just visualize!

Pull out your earphones & click the arrow below to melt into mindfulness & enjoy a chocolate meditation ~

Try Our Two New Flavors! February 06 2019, 0 Comments

We're happy to announce our new flavors: Wei Compassion 75% Velvety Dark Chocolate & Wei Wisdom Chaga Mushroom 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate!

Wholesale organic chocolate available from Wei of Chocolate

These two new flavors are both so rich and deep, your clients are going to love them! Lately, Wei Compassion has become our go-to flavor. Infused with LOTUSWEI flower remedies that help you nurture yourself and hold yourself in compassion, there's something so special about letting this one melt in your mouth ... it reminded you to treat yourself in a gentle, loving manner. Try it & see if you have the same experience.

Wei Wisdom Chaga Mushroom is another winner! We didn't know what chaga mushroom would taste like in a chocolate, but WūüėćW! it's rich, deep, yummy and compelling! The slight texture of the chaga in the chocolate reminds you of its earthy origins. The LOTUSWEI flower essences include Bodhi leaf, which was collected from the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, India, when Katie Hess & I visited that super special place a few years ago where the Buddha attained Enlightenment. Wei Wisdom is all about opening your heart and awakening your spiritual connection, in your own way.

Check out the new flavors HERE and try them for yourself!

Dads Deserve Chocolate, Too! Get Wholesale Organic Chocolate for Father's Day June 04 2018, 0 Comments

Here's the latest photo of my folks. Last year I posted a selfie with my parents - the poster children for what good chocolate can do for you! Is it just me, or do they get better looking every year? ūüėĄ My mom just turned 90; my dad is 92. I always made sure there was chocolate in the house because it's so good for them, but then I realized that my dad was giving his chocolate to my mom because that's just how he is.

So I finally laid down the law and said they BOTH have to eat 1-2 pieces a day. And now he has more energy, is leaner, and is pretty much pharmaceutical free. And a year later, they're looking better than ever! That's a win!

So this Father's Day, make sure that Dads don't get left out. Stock up on dark chocolate, and give them what they deserve: good health, laughter and love.



Time for a Chocolate Meditation November 13 2017, 0 Comments

There's no better time of year than the Holidays for slowing down for 2 minutes to recenter yourself and find the peace that's in your heart. When life gets busy, it's even more crucial to find a way to take that break.

Scroll down - we've got an answer that we think you'll love ... a chocolate meditation! Your whole job for the time it takes for a piece to melt (no chewing!) is to savor the flavor, revel in the texture, and totally melt into the experience.

You'll feel better afterwards, guaranteed. And all it takes is 2 minutes.

Here's a guided chocolate meditation to get you started ...

The audio meditation here was recorded for use with a special chocolate called Wei Gratitude but you can use any of our flavors, or even just visualize!

Limited Time Offer - Shipping Credit for Holiday Wholesale Chocolate! October 19 2017, 0 Comments

Now's the time to stock up on chocolate - whether it's for your retail store, spa, wellness center or yoga studio -  everyone loves to buy yummy, healthy, guilt-free chocolate during the holidays!

We'll even give you a $25 shipping credit when you buy $325+ of goodies.
Use the code SHIPPINGCREDIT at checkout till 10/31/17.

Don't have a Wholesale Login? Go HERE to sign up!

You know how it goes - time is flying & soon it's one holiday after another! From Halloween to Hanukkah, make sure you're ready for all that attention!

Every delicious piece of chocolate is Organic, Vegan, Paleo-friendly.
9 Fabulous Flavors! Something for every taste -
So many ways to enjoy it!
30pc boxes, 8pc tubes and irresistible individual pieces.

Wholesale Chocolate for Father's Day June 01 2017, 0 Comments

I took this selfie with my parents when I visited them a couple of weeks ago. My mom just turned 89; my dad is 91. I always made sure they had chocolate in the house because it's so dang good for them, but then I realized that my dad was giving his chocolate to mom because that's just how he is.

So I finally laid down the law and said they BOTH have to eat 1-2 pieces a day. And now he has more energy, is leaner, and is pretty much pharmaceutical free. At 91. I'll take it!

So make sure that all the folks who look to you to be a leader in your industry know that chocolate isn't just for ladies! Dads need love, too, and the rewards of keeping your loved ones happy and healthy are beyond measure.

Would the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Help your Clients? January 31 2017, 0 Comments

Here's a summary of 10 impressive health benefits of eating dark chocolate regularly, as shown by recent scientific studies. Which benefits would your customers, patients, clients or guests appreciate most?

Download your copy of the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate HERE.

A Chocolate Meditation for You November 03 2016, 0 Comments

So happy you're here!

Chocolate Meditation time!

The holidays are the perfect time to try a Chocolate Meditation - just when we start to get super busy and the stress starts to mount ... Chocolate is the key to making meditation effortless! Enjoy ~

The audio meditation here was recorded for use with a special chocolate called Wei Love, but you can use any of our flavors, or even just visualize!

Pull out your earphones & click the arrow below to melt into mindfulness & enjoy a chocolate meditation ~

This meditation thing just got a whole lot easier.

Chocolate is Perfect for Mother's Day April 20 2016, 0 Comments

What mother doesn't love chocolate? Especially when it's good for you! Lavish your customers, guests or patients with the only organic, vegan chocolate designed to bring a meditative moment into her day. Two minutes of chocolate-enhanced peace? It's a dream come true ...

Bonus! Pick a Flower Training October 23 2015, 5 Comments

We promised we'd tell you how to build rapport and take a $.62 cent investment and turn it into a 10x to 30x return. Here's the full-length training on the Pick A Flower card to watch and share with your staff -

Download your new 11 Flavor Pick A Flower card HERE.

Get a special 8 Flavor Pick a Flower card (without Peace, Joyful and Compassion HERE.

Get the 9 Flavor Pick A Flower card HERE.


Activate your Wholesale Account & Get your Bonuses! October 17 2015, 1 Comment

We JUST LAUNCHED! Check your Inbox for your separate Special Invitation to our new Wholesale Website, and grab the bonuses QUICK while they last or until October 24th. We tell you all about it in this video, but if you're in a hurry, they're outlined below -

Bonus #1 - With a purchase of $250 or more, put the number of your staff who will participate in our video or Skype training in the Notes box at checkout, and we'll include complimentary tasting samples so they can speak with enthusiasm from personal experience about the chocolate.

Individual chocolate pieces

Bonus #2 - With a purchase of $500 or more that includes individual pieces, we'll send you a free hollow Cacao Pod for display, while supplies last!

Cacao Pod

Bonus #3 - With every order, we'll send you complimentary brochures - just add them to your cart as an item with $0 cost.


Bonus #4 - With every order, we'll send you the full-length Pick a Flower video training: How to Turn 52 cents into a 10x - 30x Return in Less than a Minute, while creating the warm rapport that you want your guests to remember.

Pick a Flower card video training


I'm so excited! Activate your Wholesale Account and go get your goodies NOW before the specials expire on 10/24/15! 

Warm regards, 

Let Us Help You With the Holidays October 16 2015, 6 Comments

Watch the video - we've got just what you need to make the Holidays easier, more fun and profitable for your business. Everyone loves chocolate, and we're thrilled to show you our new packaging in the video that makes it stand out in retail, and fly off the shelves.

We've sourced organic coconut blossom sugar for our chocolate, so now it's Paleo-friendly and even healthier with a low glycemic index that's perfect for those who are watching their blood sugar.

Saturday, October 17th is the big day - we're launching our new Wholesale Shopping Cart, complete with goodies and bonuses for the Early Birds. Keep an eye on your email on Saturday for your special invitation to the fun!

Don't be shy - leave a quick comment below to let us know what you think of the new packaging, and we'll choose a random winner & give away a box of chocolate of your choice!

New Packaging for Wei of Chocolate October 11 2015, 0 Comments

We’re so happy to announce our brand new beautiful box - designed to look fabulous in your retail area for the holidays! We wanted to create a fitting home for your special chocolate - a rich brown eco-friendly paper box with a colorful sleeve to denote the flavor.

We believe that you deserve a luscious, 2 minute break where you can revel in the deliciousness of the present moment, returning to balance with body & mind. Where you can nurture yourself, care for yourself and recalibrate so that you can continue to do the great things that are unique to you, with increased awareness and effectiveness.

That’s why we came up with energetically infused chocolate that’s designed as a trigger to help us rebalance throughout the day, in bite-sized 2 minute meditations. 

Your chocolate deserved a better home, though - one that reflected the beauty and care that we pour into every piece. One that explained our vision, and better supported you in taking that break that we all need, but too seldom do.

Today, we welcome you to the unveiling of our new packaging, and the launch of the 30 piece box. We have 9 single flavor boxes, plus the wildly popular assortment - All the Wei.

It only makes sense to have 30 pieces in the box, so you can make time for a chocolate meditation break at least once a day! Each piece is labeled, too, so you can take a moment to pause as you open it, and reflect on the what you’d like to create in the moments that follow. 

This same box will now be used for the chocolate subscriptions - so you can choose whether you’d like one, two or three boxes per month, delivered automatically to your door.

Thanks so much for joining us, as we hold the vision of a better world through the mindful peace of chocolate. Enjoy!


Wei of Chocolate Uses Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar in Chocolate! September 29 2015, 0 Comments

We are so happy that Wei of Chocolate is now fully transitioned to organic coconut blossom sugar! 

What does this mean to you?

First, you’ll notice an even richer, more carmel-ly, fruity taste to the chocolate itself. Coconut sugar comes from the flowers of the coconut tree, tapped for their nectar. 

Coconut Flowers

The sticky liquid is boiled down and dehydrated, revealing a completely natural, better-than-brown-sugar sweetener that has become the darling of the health world. Coconut sugar is high in minerals like iron, zinc, potassium and calcium, as the nectar of the flower is supercharged with nutrients.

Why is coconut blossom sugar better for you? 

Coconut sugar is notably low glycemic, compared to cane sugar. Glycemic index refers to how foods affect blood sugar - the lower number, the less we experience unhealthy spikes and drops in blood sugar. Cane sugar rates 60 on the glycemic index scale, whereas coconut blossom sugar is around 35 - what a difference! 

For those familiar with glycemic load (which takes into account how much of the food we are likely to eat at one sitting), having two pieces of Wei of Chocolate would yield a Glycemic Load of 1.4. Since anything between 1-10 is considered low glycemic, again, it’s remarkably healthy, and people often remark that the chocolate has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar.

For those who follow the Paleo eating philosophy, coconut sugar is one of the accepted sweeteners, so share this information with your Paleo friends.

 Why did we change a good thing?

At Wei of Chocolate, we are committed to creating the most positively impactful experience for everyone’s health and well-being. We’ve had our eye on the sweetener for a long time. Our previous formulation had only 2 grams of organic cane sugar per piece (half as much as a serving of ketchup!) and while it is not enough to trigger an insulin response (and spike blood sugar), it’s our mission to provide the most healthful and sublime chocolate experience.

Once you taste it, we think you’ll agree that this is an exciting move forward, and invite you to explore the richness of flavor that coconut blossom sugar provides.