Dads Deserve Chocolate, Too! Get Wholesale Organic Chocolate for Father's Day June 04 2018, 0 Comments

Here's the latest photo of my folks. Last year I posted a selfie with my parents - the poster children for what good chocolate can do for you! Is it just me, or do they get better looking every year? 😄 My mom just turned 90; my dad is 92. I always made sure there was chocolate in the house because it's so good for them, but then I realized that my dad was giving his chocolate to my mom because that's just how he is.

So I finally laid down the law and said they BOTH have to eat 1-2 pieces a day. And now he has more energy, is leaner, and is pretty much pharmaceutical free. And a year later, they're looking better than ever! That's a win!

So this Father's Day, make sure that Dads don't get left out. Stock up on dark chocolate, and give them what they deserve: good health, laughter and love.