After 11 years in the Himalayas, living in monasteries and doing retreat in a cave, Lisa Reinhardt came back to the US to share what she'd learned about meditation.

An a-ha moment while eating chocolate, however, changed everything ...

Sometimes how you do something can be as important as what you do.

Let the chocolate melt in your mouth without chewing it.

This alone, can transform your day. 

It's the perfect opportunity to introduce a moment, a ritual, a break - where you take 2 minutes for yourself that you always mean to take ... but don’t, because you’re too busy.

Nearly everyone I know is too busy; working too hard, thinking too much. Uh huh, me too.

But let me tell you a secret: pretty much everything we’re looking for - all the joy, love, compassion, insight + wisdom - is right there, waiting for us in the present moment. 

Ever try to meditate by focusing on the breath?

What if we focused on savoring chocolate instead!

Delicious, smooth, creamy ... layers of flavor unfold as the warmth of your body melts the
chocolate - no chewing!

Chocolate that's dairy free, soy free, gluten free and GMO free. Vegan, organic fair trade
dark chocolate
to enjoy with wild abandon, one extraordinary piece at a time.

Elevate your chocolate experience. 

This meditation thing just got a whole lot easier.

  • Chai
  • Chili
  • Chai
  • Chai
  • Salt
  • Relaxed
  • Chai

Ahh ... there's a reason that's the sound of enlightenment.

That symbol on top of your piece of chocolate - that's the symbol for Ahh.

You can train yourself, daily, to taste the deliciousness of the present moment.
If you can let chocolate melt in your mouth, you can learn to meditate.
Chocolate is your meditation buddy.

Chocolate is your friend. : )

Together, put a smile on your face.
Lower your blood pressure.
Restore your patience. 

Enrich your life.
Be even more productive, by actually taking a break.

Try it.
You'll love it. 




Yes! It's time for your daily dark chocolate.