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Coconut Salt Dark Chocolate - Limited Edition!

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Perfect Holiday Gift Item! So Delicious!

This is a Limited Edition chocolate.
Creamy and rich, with just the right amount of coconut shreds to make your tongue do a happy dance!

We’ve made a small quantity of rich, dark, coconutty chocolate, available in simple packages of 30 pieces in a silver organza bag. No boxes, no tubes, no little round sticker on each piece. Just 30 pieces of extraordinary chocolate in a bag with a card.

Quantity: 30 pieces
Packaging: In a silky silver organza bag
Taste: Creamy rich, yummy flavor of coconut in a luscious dark chocolate, strewn with shreds of coconut and a hint of Celtic sea salt
Color: Silver foil
Cacao: 68%
Flower essences: Infused with three Costa Rican orchid essences from LOTUSWEI’s Flowerevolution program — Radiance Orchid, Rain of Gold and Bee Orchid — these flowers show us the way to total acceptance so we can engage with open-heartedness & see ourselves in others.